Error: dynamodb query is null

Rafal Wilinski

Answered by Rafal Wilinski

What's Causing This Error

This error message indicates that the query operation has failed because the TableName property is not set or specified correctly. The TableName property is used to specify the table's name from which the item(s) are to be retrieved. If the property is not set or is specified incorrectly, DynamoDB will not know which table to query, hence the error.

Solution: Here's How To Resolve It

To solve this error, provide a valid TableName property. The TableName should be the name of an existing table in your DynamoDB account.

Here is an example of how to perform a query operation with a valid TableName:

import boto3

# Instantiate a client
dynamodb = boto3.client('dynamodb', region_name='us-west-2')

# Define the parameters
table_name = "my_table"
key_condition_expression = "Id = :value"
expression_attribute_values = {
   ":value": {"N": "1"}

# Perform the operation
response = dynamodb.query(


It is also essential to check that the table name is spelt correctly and that the table exists in your DynamoDB account; otherwise, the query will fail. Finally, it's also essential to check that the IAM user or role used to call the function has the necessary permissions to perform the query on the table.

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