How-To Delete All DynamoDB Items (Without Deleting the Table)

Prerequisite:   Download Dynobase (free to try) in order to follow the steps below
Select Truncate

Right-click on the table you want to empty and click on Truncate

Type table name to confirm

Confirm truncate by retyping the table name and then click on 'Truncate Table'

Check empty table

Once process completes, hit Execute or CMD/CTRL + R to live data from the table.

Easy way to truncate table in DynamoDB

Dynobase is a professional GUI editor for DynamoDB. Currently, AWS DynamoDB Console does not offer the ability to purge data from a table. You can delete the table and re-create it from scratch or scan through all items and delete all of them one by one. With Dynobase, it's easy and fast.

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