Export DynamoDB Data To S3 (Without Writing Code or AWS Console)

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Exporting the whole DynamoDB table to S3 is a great way to backup your data or export it for analytics purposes. In this guide, we'll walk you through this process using Dynobase. With our tool, you don't have to use AWS Console or provision complicated Data Pipelines.
Select Table

Open table that you would like to export to S3

Export Data

On the bottom-left corner click "Export" and select "Whole Table"

Select method and destination

Select S3 method and input path where data should be exported in s3 format. Make sure you have access to that bucket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export the entire DynamoDB table to S3?

All records can be exported to S3 by repeatedly running a Scan operation until there aren't any more records left and then uploading it to S3. That method is suboptimal because it involves a compute unit running this process and may incur substantial DynamoDB read operation costs. With "Export to S3" feature, your data is dumped to S3 in a cloud-native way without servers or long-running processes.

How long will it take to export the DynamoDB table to S3?

The time required to export the whole table depends on the amount of data in your tables. However, judging from our experiments, it takes at least 30 seconds, even for the smallest table.

Does the DynamoDB to S3 export functionality work across regions?

Yes! Export to S3 feature works across regions, meaning you can export your data from e.g. us-east-1 to eu-central-1 with a few clicks.

How much does it cost to export DynamoDB to S3?

Running Export to S3 costs $0.10 per GB and additional S3 costs for data storage and upload, which vary depending on the region you're in.

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