Update DynamoDB Item Visually [How-To]

Prerequisite:   Download Dynobase (free to try) in order to follow the steps below
Select Item to Update

Select the item you'd like to update, open context menu by right-clicking it and select 'Edit Item'

Perform an update

Using text editor, change item properties

Save changes

Your save is not yet committed to the database. In order to save it to DynamoDB, use CMD/CTRL + S shortcut or click Save Changes

How Item Updates Work in DynamoDB

Under the hood, DynamoDB uses a complex combination of ExpressionAttributeValues, UpdateExpression and Key parameters to update selected parameters of an item. Thanks to Dynobase, it's much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you update item's primary key in DynamoDB?

Theoretically, no. You need to create a new item and delete the old one. In Dynobase, if you try to do that, it will handle that process for you automatically

How long does it take to update DynamoDB item?

It's instant once you commit your save. The API operation completes usually in less than 100ms.

How to update a list in DynamoDB?

Unfortunately, in DynamoDB there's no SQL-like 'UPDATE X WHERE Y' expression. You need to call update operation on a set of items one by one.

Can I update multiple items at once?

Sure! In Dynobase, you update multiple items and save them to the database at once. The modified items will be saved to the table only after you'll press 'Save Changes'. If you want to do so programmatically, head to our guide on batchWrite operation

If I wanted to update DynamoDB items programmatically, how can I do that?

We've created DynamoDB update item example for all the major languages, you can find them in our DynamoDB Query Examples page.

How much does it cost to update an item?

It depends on how much 'new' data you're writing to your DynamoDB table. Write operations are billed on WCU/WRU basis, you can calculate cost of your update by rounding item to KBs and multiplying that by regional WRU/WCU cost.

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