Export DynamoDB Data To CSV (Without CLI or Writing Any Code)

Prerequisite:   Download Dynobase (free to try) in order to follow the steps below
If you wanted to export DynamoDB data to CSV using AWS Console, you'll have to login to the AWS Console and probably switch regions, then find the table and then export it. With Dynobase, it's much faster.

Moreover you can export as much DynamoDB data to CSV as you want (unlike the AWS console which has a 100 items per export restriction)
Select Item

Open desired table and select item that you want to export

Export Item

Right-click on the item and from context menu select 'Export -> AS CSV' option

Select destination

When file save dialog opens, select where would you like the CSV file to be saved

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export entire DynamoDB table to CSV?

All records can be exported to CSV by running a Scan operation, selecting all records, and then pressing the 'Export' button.

How to export DynamoDB query result to CSV?

Use Dynobase's visual filter options, run the query and then click on the 'Export' button in the footer.

Can I export more than 100 DynamoDB table items to CSV?

Yes! Unlike AWS DynamoDB Console, DynamoDB dump of more than 100 items, (even millions!) is possible with Dynobase.

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