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Prerequisite:   Download Dynobase (free to try) in order to follow the steps below
If you wanted to delete an item from DynamoDB using AWS Console, you’d have to login and probably switch regions, then find the item and delete it. With Dynobase, it's much faster and you can delete as many items at-a-time as you want since Dynobase does not have the 100 item restriction like in AWS Console.
Select Item

Open desired table and select item that you want to delete

Delete Item

Right-click on the item and from context menu select 'Delete' option

Commit Change

To save the change in the database, press CMD/CTRL + S or click Save Changes in top right corner

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete an item by secondary index?

When using SDK or CLI, You can't directly delete an item using LSI or GSI. Deleting items in DynamoDB is only possible by using the primary key. The solution is to fetch the item's primary key using the secondary key and use that to execute 'delete' operation. Dynobase handles this automatically.

How to remove DynamoDB item from array/list/set?

Use 'updateItem' operation instead or use Dynobase item editor.

Would delete row cause DynamoDB reindex?

In DynamoDB, there's no concept of 'reindex', at least from an API perspective. DynamoDB handles deletes internally, and as an end-user we don't need to worry about it.

How to delete attribute from DynamoDB table?

Use 'update' operation with 'UpdateExpression' parameter containing 'REMOVE ' clause.

How to delete multiple items in DynamoDB?

Unlike SQL, in DynamoDB (and generally in NoSQL databases), there's no easy way to run 'DELETE WHERE condition' operation. In DynamoDB, to remove collection of items with size of N, you need to run a 'delete' operation deleting just one item N times. Dynobase makes removing multiple items easy - just select them with Shift key pressed, and then press 'Delete' key.

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