DynamoDB Visual Query Builder

Construct complex DynamoDB queries without having to learn DynamoDB's query syntax. A rich set of visual options are available to let you combine filters with partition/sort key and global secondary index.

Based on your selections, the query builder will generate query code for DynamoDB CLI and popular languages SDK formats (DynamoDB DocumentClient/DynamoDB JavaScript/Typescript SDK, Java, Golang, Boto 3 aka Python).

Soon, we'll also be adding the option to create queries using SQL. In the meantime, you can have a look at our PartiQL support.

If you're not experienced with DynamoDB and want to see how our tool handles complex queries, click the button below to load complex schema and query.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you query DynamoDB?

Of course you can query AWS DynamoDB to fetch a collection of items. Using Query operation is one of the three ways to fetch data from DynamoDB (apart from Scan and GetItem). Read about differences between Scan and Query here

Does DynamoDB support SQL queries?

Yes! Recently AWS announced PartiQL support which means that you can use SQL-like language to query DynamoDB. Keep in mind that using PartiQL to query DynamoDB has the same limitations as native query. You can learn more about PartiQL support in Dynobase here.

When should I use DynamoDB Query?

You should use DynamoDB Query if you want to fetch a collection of data from the same partition. It means that items that you need to fetch need to have the same partition key. If your items are not having the same partition key, you'll probably have to use a series of GetItem operations or one Scan with relevant FilterExpressions.

How do I query DynamoDB GSI?

All you need to do is add a 'IndexName' parameter to your expression and update both ExpressionAttributeNames and KeyConditionExpression to match the selected index schema.

Can we query DynamoDB without Primary Key?

No. DynamoDB Query requires a primary key because it tells DynamoDB engine which partition of your table contains desired data. If you want to fetch a collection of items without explicitly definiting PartitionKey, you need to use Scan operation

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