Error: dynamodb type custid is not supported

What's Causing This Error

This error message indicates an issue with the data type of an attribute in the item being stored or retrieved in DynamoDB.

Specifically, it indicates that the data type "custid" is not supported by DynamoDB. Instead, DynamoDB only supports the following data types:

  • 'S' for string
  • 'N' for number
  • 'B' for binary
  • 'BOOL' for Boolean
  • 'NULL' for null
  • 'L' for List
  • 'M' for Map

Solution: Here's How To Resolve It

To solve this error, check the data types of the item's attributes to ensure that they match the supported data types by DynamoDB. In addition, make sure that the attribute that is expecting a supported data type is being passed a value of the corresponding type.

You can convert the value to the supported data type before putting the item in the table.

Also, check that the IAM user or role used to call the function has the necessary permissions to operate on the DynamoDB service.

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