Question: Why is DynamoDB bad?

Rafal Wilinski

Answered by Rafal Wilinski


DynamoDB is not necessarily "bad," but it may not be the best solution for every use case.

Some potential drawbacks to using DynamoDB include the following:

  • DynamoDB falls under two billing plans: Provisioned and Pay-Per-Use. Hence, choosing the right billing model can take time and effort. For example, suppose you overprovision (using the provisioned billing model). In that case, you will end up paying a lot more than you use, or you may under-provision, which can cause performance issues. Therefore, finding the right spot takes time. However, you can use the pay-per-use model to analyze your throughput and tune the database for your requirements to achieve single-digit millisecond latency.
  • DynamoDB is a proprietary, managed NoSQL database service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means you cannot self-host a DynamoDB instance.
  • DynamoDB is not modelled as a traditional NoSQL database. Hence, it creates a high learning curve for fresh developers.

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