Question: How to access DynamoDB from EC2?


To access Amazon DynamoDB from an EC2 instance, you can use the AWS SDKs or the DynamoDB API. The SDKs and the API provide a way for your EC2 instance to communicate with DynamoDB and perform various database operations such as creating tables, inserting and retrieving data, and updating and deleting items.

Here are the general steps to access DynamoDB from an EC2 instance:

  1. Install the AWS SDK for the programming language you are using on your EC2 instance.
  2. Create an IAM role for your EC2 instance with permissions to access your DynamoDB table and the required operations.
  3. Use the SDK to connect to DynamoDB and perform the operations you need.
  4. When you use the SDK to connect to DynamoDB, you must provide your AWS access and secret keys. You can either store these in environment variables on your EC2 instance or assign an IAM Role to your EC2 instance and use the Instance metadata to retrieve the credentials.

It's important to note that the security group of your EC2 instance should allow the traffic to DynamoDB endpoints. Also, if you have a VPC endpoint for DynamoDB enabled, make sure that the security group of your EC2 instance allows traffic to the VPC endpoint. Dynobase also provides a way to connect to your DynamoDB table through their GUI. You can use this to connect to DynamoDB and perform the operations you need on your EC2 instance.

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