Error: DynamoDB Scan Not Working

What's Causing This Error

The Scan operation covers your entire database table and returns the relevant data. But there can be instances where DynamoDB Scan does not return all the data you expect. In addition, the result set you receive would be empty if no matching items were found.

However, if the Scan operation does not return all the data, it is probably because a single DynamoDB scan request can only retrieve up to 1 MB of data.

Solution: Here's How To Resolve It

When using DynamoDB Scan operation, remember that it retrieves only up to a maximum of 1 MB of data per scan. So, this depends on the individual size of each item you are trying to return. If this is the issue, you can use the LastEvaluatedKey (not null if the result set is over 1 MB) in your API call as a part of the request in your following calls. Then it will return the next set of your results with pagination.

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