Question: How to store Japanese characters in DynamoDB?


Amazon DynamoDB can store Japanese characters by using the String data type. Here are a few steps to store Japanese characters in DynamoDB:

  1. Verify that your table has the correct character set: By default, DynamoDB uses UTF-8 as the character set for all string attributes. This character set supports all the characters in the Unicode character set, including Japanese characters.
  2. Encoding the Japanese characters: When you insert data into DynamoDB, you need to ensure that the data is encoded in UTF-8. This can be done by using the putItem() method of the DynamoDB client and passing in the data encoded as a UTF-8 string.
  3. Retrieving the Japanese characters: When retrieving data from DynamoDB, you can use the getItem() method of the DynamoDB client to retrieve the data as a UTF-8 encoded string, which will include the Japanese characters.

It's important to note that you should ensure that your application and any libraries you use properly handle Japanese characters encoded in UTF-8.

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