Error: Unable to start DynamoDB Local process

Rafal Wilinski

Answered by Rafal Wilinski


Error occuring when trying to start a Local offline DynamoDB instance, often appearning when using Serverless Framework.

First, make sure you have Java JDK & JRE (Java Runtime Engine) version 6.x or newer is installed on your machine since it is required by the Local DynamoDB.

Usually error gets fixed by executing the following set of commands:

  yarn remove serverless-dynamodb-local
  yarn add serverless-dynamodb-local@0.2.35
  sls dynamodb install

If you want to use versions after 0.2.26 make sure to execute the following command instead of sls dynamodb install:

sls dynamodb install --localPath ./bin

After you have installed the Local DynamoDB, you can start it by executing the following command:

sls offline start

If DynamoDB Offline is still not running, it might be failing to do so because port 8000 is already in use. You can run DynamoDB Offline on a different port by specifying -p option to the sls offline start command like so:

sls dynamodb start -p 8000

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