Dynobase hangs on profiles loading screen or profiles are loading slow

Rafal Wilinski

Written by Rafal Wilinski

Published on August 12th, 2021

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    If you are using Dynobase and you are seeing the following screen after launching it:

    Dynobase profiles loading screen

    Here are the steps you can take to solve this issue:

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of Dynobase. The best way to check it is to go to Dynobase's Releases page on Github and downloading the latest release for your platform.

    2. Make sure your router or firewall is not blocking AWS requests. You can check if you can connect to the AWS by running the following command:


    1. If you're having multiple profiles on your computer in the ~/.aws directory, you can exclude some of them from being loaded by the Dynobase by adding the dynobase_skip=true line, for example:

    Alternatively, you can go do General Settings and type included profiles there. The best practice is to reduce the amount of profiles that Dynobase should load to the minimum - because Dynobase by default loads and verified all the profiles in the ~/.aws directory, excluding some of them can reduce the time it takes to load.

    1. Exclude unused regions. If all the tables you're using are in e.g. region us-east-1, there's no point for Dynobase to look for them in other regions. To do so, go to General Settings and select regions you'd like to skip during the loading procedure:

    Dynobase excluded regions

    It should speedup the loading process significantly.

    1. If there's something running on the port 8000 on your machine, change Dynobase's DynamoDB Offline port setting to something else because otherwise Dynobase will try to connect to that port assuming it's local DynamoDB distribution.

    Dynobase excluded regions

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