How to use Dynobase with SSO-based profiles

Rafal Wilinski

Written by Rafal Wilinski

Published on 2021-07-20

Question I often get is:

Is Dynobase compatible with SSO-based profiles?

Yes, of course it is!

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Dynobase installed.
  2. Optionally, install aws-sso-credential-process or aws-sso-util to make it easier to use SSO-based profiles in AWS SDK v2 for your projects.
  3. Go to ~/.aws/config and make sure you have the following lines:
  1. Launch Dynobase. In the top left corner, click on the Profile Selector and select your SSO profile from the dropdown:

Dynobase SSO Profile Picker

  1. After clicking it, a following screen should appear:

  1. Click "Authenticate", go through the standard SSO flow and after a few seconds you should be able to use your SSO-authenticated profile inside Dynobase.

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