Delete All Using DynamoDB Mapper (Guide w/ Code Examples)

There is no direct way to remove all items in a DynamoDB table. Therefore, you will have to scan the table and then execute a batch delete or iteratively delete items one by one.

However, you can use the method to delete all items in a table using the DynamoDB Mapper. It takes a list of objects to delete and deletes them in a single request.

DynamoDBMapper mapper = new DynamoDBMapper(client); // Load all items from the table List<Item> items = mapper.scan(Item.class, new DynamoDBScanExpression()); // Delete the items in a batch mapper.batchDelete(items);

Note that this will only delete the items in the table, not the table itself. If you want to delete the table and all its items, you can use the deleteTable method of the AmazonDynamoDB client.

DeleteTableRequest request = new DeleteTableRequest().withTableName("myTable"); client.deleteTable(request);

Remember that the deleteTable method permanently deletes the table and all of its data.

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