1.7.6 - App size reduction

  • Decreases installer size and installed app size by 60%
  • Fixes "traffic lights" position on macOS
  • Fixes problem with adding an attribute to all instances of a model in a single-table designer
  • Fixes problem with hyphens and dashes being not respected by the template strings in single-table designer
  • Changes SSO and MFA session names to role_session_name specified in the config file
  • Decreases app initialization time by parallelizing loading profiles and checking the license
  • Bumps Node version to 16
  • Bumps dependencies

1.7.5 - DynamoDB Offline Fix

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with DynamoDB offline/dockerized/localstack being not reachable introduced in 1.7.4
  • Fixes problem with exporting single-table models on attributes without type defined

1.7.4 - SSO Refreshing mechanism & single-table designer improvements

โœจ Features

  • Adds Attributes view for single-table designer
  • Adds auto SSO/MFA session re-authentication when DynamoDB operations fail with "ExpiredTokenException" (#122)
  • Adds "Format JSON" option to single-table attribute editors (#119)
  • Adds the ability to edit JSON in a normal and in "DynamoDB" way to the single-table designer (#119)
  • Adds ability to customize amount of sockets used to communicate with AWS (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/81)
  • Adds ability to populate template attribute changes to other instances of the same entity type (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/117)
  • When adding an attribute in the attributes view, adds a prompt asking whether this attribute should be added to other instances of the same model (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/118)

๐Ÿ› Bug fixes

  • Fixes displaying and removing items from GSIs (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/102)
  • Fixes problem with changing attribute type to Map in a single-table designer (#104)
  • Fixes problem with error notifications not showing error cause, especially when failing to load profiles
  • Fixes problem with confirmation window prompting the user to update all model instances in a single-table designer that makes Electron lose focus (#116)
  • Fixes problem with New Column and New Attribute input fields not submitted when "Tabbing-out" from them (#121)

โœ๏ธ Single-table Designer minor changes

  • Makes "Attributes view" is now the default one
  • Makes entity type attribute is no longer removable
  • Improves modals appearance (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/107 + https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/101)
  • Adds Position horizontal scrollbar at the very bottom of the single-table designer (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/106)
  • Adds ability to remove GSI
  • Adds ability to add a partition from the table header
  • Adds ability to change single-table designer's style between sans-serif and monospace
  • Inserting model instance now adds a default model's attribute template

1.7.3 - DynamoDB-Onetable integration

๐Ÿšค Performance

  • Improves performance of the single-table designer. With heavy models, it is up to 80% faster now!

ย โœจ Features

  • dynamodb-onetable integration. Now you can export onetable models straight from single-table designer (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/42)
  • In the single-table designer, items are now grouped into sorted partitions automatically (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/87)

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with editing boolean values in single-table designer (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/86)
  • Fixes problem with persisting "Follow OS Setting" when it comes to Dark/Light mode (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/89)
  • Fixes problem with removing rows in single-table-designer when they are using templated strings (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/94)
  • Fixes problem with JSON modals (Edit other attributes & Edit Map), they are no longer showing syntax errors (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/85)
  • Template values are now correctly recognized in the imported model, they are also exported correctly (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/70)
  • Fixes problem with exported single-table designer's model types not being lowercased (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/75)
  • Fixes problem with displaying modals in the single-table designer

๐Ÿงน Minor

  • Increased timeout for all DynamoDB operations to 3 seconds
  • Single-table designer's models view now respects currently hidden columns (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/80)
  • Single-table designer's query mode displays feedback if the query yields zero results (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/88)

1.7.2 - Golang Codegen


ย โœจ Features

  • Golang Query Codegen - generate Go code from the queries you're making in Dynobase. After making a query, click Generate Code and select Golang SDK v2 params (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/82)
  • Ability to specify ScanIndexForward property on Queries (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/62)
  • Windows binary is now signed with a Code Certificate, malware warnings should be gone after Dynobase gains trust in Microsoft's eyes (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/76)

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with vertical scrollbars appearing when multiple tabs are opened (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/78)
  • Fixes problem with table name being too long to fit into the app header (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/63)
  • Fixes problem with single-table designer tooltips going off-screen (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/67)
  • Fixes problem with losing single-table designer state when jumping between sections

๐Ÿงน Minor

  • Adds tooltip to the "Add Table" button

1.7.1 - Exporting Terminal-processed results

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with a new tab being opened multiple times
  • Fixes problem with aws-vault based profiles not respecting the source_profile or include_profile mixin
  • Fixes problem with saving offline settings
  • Fixes problem with not respecting the override offline access key
  • Fixes problem with exporting Terminal-computed results

1.7.0 - Single-table Designer

The biggest update yet. Single table designer!

Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 19 02 15

โšก๏ธ Features

  • Single-table designer - build single-table models, query them, and export them to NoSQL Workbench compatible format. Codegen and integrations with the dynamodb-toolbox and dynamodb-onetable are coming soon!
  • Adds the ability to run operations from Operation Builder

โœจ Improvements

  • Improves readability of error modals and schema view by using Monaco editor
  • Improves logging around IAM and profiles loading
  • Reworks notifications into prettier ones
  • Changes attribute name autosuggest to case insensitive
  • Adds icons to more buttons and changes existing ones to prettier ones
  • Adds the ability to report a bug from the "Help" menu
  • Adds the ability to close Commander (CMD + P) using the Escape key

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with a simple querying mode when using multiple filters related to the same attribute
  • Fixes problem with "Freeze Key Columns" being not clickable
  • Fixes problem with creating a table with a simple GSI without sort key
  • Fixes problems with a vertical scroll in Settings
  • Fixes problem with reloading profiles from the native menu
  • Hides footer stats on narrow screens

1.6.3 - Explicit AWS Profiles Selection

  • Changed behavior of how AWS profiles get selected - instead of implicitly loading all of them, the user is prompted to select them at the first load. The user has also the ability to change it in the Settings
  • Fixed issues with Offline Settings overriding the rest of the settings
  • Improved debugability by enriching logs

1.6.0 - Adding Profiles, Excluded Profiles, Faster Loading

  • Added ability to add profiles via Dynobase UI
  • Added tip on the loading screen if it's taking long with link to an article how to speed it up
  • Added ability to exclude profiles, both from Settings and using dynobase_skip=true directive in config/settings files

1.5.1 - Proxy Settings

  • Fixed problem with accessing settings while SSO profiles were loading
  • Added ability to configure proxy server
  • Improved speed of loading profiles
  • Reduced amount of logs produced

1.5.0 - Operation Builder Preview

This release introduces a preview of Operation Builder - WYSIWYG interface for creating DynamoDB operations, starting with Update & Delete operations for Node.js.



  • Improved "Zero profiles screen" by adding links to help you debug issues with SSO, AWS Profiles, or DynamoDB Local
  • Fixes problem with streaming PartiQL results
  • Fixes problem with bulk selecting rows behavior (Selecting two rows with CMD/CTRL and then a set with Shift)
  • Fixes problem with trailing 0 displayed in the footer when using PartiQL querying engine
  • Fixes problem with items' Context Menu picking incorrect column after scrolling horizontally
  • Fixes problem with parsing floats/doubles after modifying the value using the inline editor
  • Fixes problem with profile loader not respecting AWS STS region and fallback to us-east-1 instead of forcing it
  • Fixes problem with querying/scanning on attributes with $ chars

1.4.5 - Dark mode modals

  • Fixes typo in Terminal example
  • Fixes Modals rendering in dark mode
  • Fixes macOS dmg signature

1.4.2 - SSO Improvements

  • Fixes duplicate "Profiles loaded" notification
  • Fixes case when the user is using only SSO profiles
  • Adds cron-based credentials refresh mechanism for SSO sessions
  • SSO profiles are no longer immediately authenticated when selected
  • Authentication of SSO profiles is now cancellable, fixed ability to switch profiles in errored/loading state

1.4.0 - Commander and Apple Silicon (M1) Support

This release includes Commander - A Spotlight/Alfred like experience for searching tables and interacting with DynamoDB without mouse. Simply press CMD/CTRL + P and type what you want to do - Commander will try to help you:



  • Added native support for Apple Silicon - the new ARM-based M1 CPUs
  • Added support for Binary type during importing the data
  • Fixed problem with adding unknown ScanIndexForward property in Python exported queries
  • Rebound history shortcut key to CMD/CTRL + Y
  • Added CMD/CTRL + F shortcut to focus on Filter tables...


  • Added ability to reload profiles
  • Fixed MFA support
  • Fixed access to options when no profiles are loaded

1.3.4 - Custom Certificate Bundle

  • Added ability to specify a custom certificate for AWS-SDK interaction (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdk-for-javascript/v2/developer-guide/node-registering-certs.html)
  • Added Machine UID and Hostname to trial over the screen
  • Fixed displaying settings while the trial is over
  • When trying to export a CSV with no records selected, a notification is shown
  • Moved auto-updater mechanism to native
  • Added .snap binary
  • Bumped AWS SDK to 2.853.0
  • Bumped Electron to 11.3.0

1.3.3 - SSO credentials caching

  • Adds CSV extension support when exporting the whole table
  • Fixes SSO session caching

1.3.2 - UX Fixes

  • Fixes problem with selecting multiple rows with Shift and/or Ctrl/Cmd pressed, especially when selecting first row
  • Fixes problem with filtering columns; displays hash/partition key always first
  • Fixes query/scan being executed when confirming autosuggestion from attribute names list
  • Fixes "Clear Filters" removing all filter expressions - now it clears all but one empty expression

1.3.1 - SSO Fixes

Due to the update of Electron, SSO stopped working. This release fixes this regression and fixes the problem with switching between SSO profiles. Moreover, Importer errors are now also surfaced to the end-user.

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