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1.10.8 - Fix connecting to licensing servers with Firewall, VPN or ZScaler enabled

โœจ Fixes

  • Fixes problem with Dynobase failing to connect to licensing servers when running VPN/Firewall or any other security tool like ZScaler

1.10.7 - GovCloud support

โœจ Features

  • Dynobase now supports GovCloud regions. If you want to use them, head to General Settings -> Excluded Regions and make sure to un-select them

๐Ÿถ Minor

  • Upon failing to connect with licensing server, Trial Over screen will now include an information why request failed

1.10.5 - Reliable imports & Single-table designer improvements

๐Ÿงฎ Single-table designer fixes and improvements

  • Better welcome screen - Introducing "Recent models". Quickly go back to the models you're previously edited without importing/exporting them (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/215 & https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/214)
  • Fixes problem with editor crashing when the user is creating a table without PK/SK/entity type defined (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/211)
  • Fixes problem with editor crashing when the user is defining a GSI without PK/SK defined (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/213)
  • Fixes problem with editor crashing when the user is defining a GSI reusing attributes that are already indexed. This also unblocks inverted indexes pattern (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/212)

๐Ÿ› Fixes

  • Fixes problem with loading tables if used IAM identity does not have permission to describe table's TTL settings

๐Ÿถ Minor

  • Improves reliability of import process by retrying SDK operations up to 5 times
  • Improves reliability of truncate process by retrying SDK operations up to 5 times
  • Adds check if licensing servers are available to the trial over screen


  • Fixes problem with adding filter expressions to a query which uses primary index already on tables without sort key
  • Adds ability to disable crash reports


  • Fixes problem with inline editors disappearing on Alt, CMD/Ctrl or Shift key

1.10.0 - Better inline editors

โœจ Features

  • Better inline editors - edit simple attributes like Strings, Numbers, Booleans, and Numbers quickly (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/194) SCR-20220510-jfb
  • Attributes with TTL are marked. Hovering over them displays detailed info (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/21) ezgif com-gif-maker

๐Ÿถ Minor changes

  • In data view, renders NULLs and Booleans in a more distinguishable way
  • Introduces AWS SDK connection timeout short-circuiting faulty profiles quicker and reducing loading times
  • Better support for DynamoDB Offline
  • Removes the "Edit this attribute" option from the Item's context modal
  • Improves header real estate management, especially for tables with long names which were breaking the UI
  • Removes an option to "Check for updates". Updates are now being downloaded automatically on Mac and Linux. Autoupdater does not work on Windows machines (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/153, https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/64)
  • Makes modals bigger
  • Decreases contrast in dark mode (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/145)

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with querying on attributes containing hyphens (-) (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/197)
  • Fixes the problem with __id attribute being exported as an empty object in dynamodb-onetable exporter (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/196)
  • Fixes the problem with the item editor modal not opening with the Alt/Option key pressed (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/192)
  • Fixes problem with single-table designer results being cut off horizontally (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/184)
  • Fixes "Alt + click" label to "Option + click" on MacOS inside item context menu (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/176)
  • When using a DynamoDB Query in Simple Filtering mode, "Contains" and "Not Contains" options do not longer appear on sortkey operator's picker
  • Importing single-table models from NoSQL Workbench with simple GSI no longer throws an error
  • Fixes the appearance of triangles in the item's context menu
  • Fixes problem where holding the left mouse button clicked on record opened context menu


๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with opening item editor modal by clicking with Alt key pressed
  • Fixes problem with loading profiles for some of the cases
  • Removes buggy inline item editor and option to "Edit this attribute". This option will be replaced with a bit more sophisticated and complete solution in the next release

1.9.1 - Single-table designer rendering

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with rendering single table designer
  • Fixes problem with launching Dynobase without a license
  • Fixes appearance of buttons in the query panel on smaller screens
  • Fixes background color for cell editor in data view
  • Ensures horizonal and vertical scrollbars are appearing all the time in the single-table designer

1.9.0 - Status Icons

๐Ÿš€ Features

  • Dynobase will now show status icons next to your table name in the header. They will indicate whether table is Server-side Encrypted, is a Global Table, is in Infrequent Access class, has a DynamoDB Stream enabled, has On-demand billing mode enabled and if Point-in-time backups are enabled.


๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes regression in data table where double-clicking attributes wasn't opening value editor
  • Fixes problem in data table where actions performed from context menu were applied to incorrect data
  • Fixes bug with Dynobase's main window not reappearing after hiding it
  • Fixes memory leak with exporting CSV and JSON files
  • Fixes problem with recreating an item if partition key is altered

๐Ÿถ Minor changes

  • Restyled horizontal scrollbars across whole app
  • Truncates table name if it's too long to display in the top header, full name is displayed as a tooltip on hover
  • Adds ability to copy table name when clicking address bar
  • Adds ability to pick more profiles from the profiles selector in the header
  • Excluded/included attributes menu is now having a sorted list of attributes

1.8.4 - Better single-table model examples

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixed error messages for MFA-based authentication processes
  • Improved handling of MFA-based profiles, especially when using source_profile
  • Made Settings page accessible from "Authentication failure" screen
  • In Single-table designer, changing Entity Type attribute column to "After GSIs" is no longer crashing the designer if there are no GSIs
  • In Single-table designer, importing models without ModelSchema has been fixed

๐Ÿ›ฉ๏ธ Minor

  • Misleading table address is no longer being shown in the Single-table designer
  • In single-table designer, examples have been improved and added example access patterns

1.8.3 - Ability to reset all settings

๐Ÿšข Features

  • Added ability to hard reset Dynobase's settings
  • Experimental feature of eager loading of source_profiles

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixes appearance of horizontal scrollbar in single-table designer
  • Increased length of an empty cells in single-table designer
  • Removed clipping of fields in single-table designer

1.8.2 - Resizable Tables Selector

๐Ÿš€ Features

  • Tables selector side-panel is now resizable
  • Profiles with zero DynamoDB Tables present are now being selectable so you can create tables in them via Dynobase

๐Ÿถ Minor

  • Region ap-northeast-3 can be now used
  • Scrolling issues in single-table designer
  • Fixed problem with partition key not being excludable from the "Columns" menu
  • Added separator between "Reload Profiles" and "Quit Dynobase"

1.8.1 - Exporting Access Patterns

๐Ÿš€ Features

  • Single-table designer now exports Access Patterns. Query access patterns are generated accordingly to the OneTable's 1.1.0 schema

๐Ÿ›ฉ๏ธ Minor changes

  • CMD / Ctrl + H now hides application (closes https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/131)
  • In single-table designer, leaving SK condition empty will return whole partition (closes https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/163)
  • In single-table designer, "Save query as..." with name of an existing query will overwrite an existing query instead of duplicating it (closes https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/164)
  • In single-table designer, Access Patterns sidebar is now smaller
  • In single-table designer, 1st item in the export submenu has been renamed

1.8.0 - Access Patterns

๐Ÿš€ Features

  • Adds "Access Patterns" view to the Single-table designer tab. Hover over each access pattern highlights items that are selected by that pattern. Clicking it loads the query

ezgif com-gif-maker

  • Adds the ability to remove "Access Patterns" from the Single-table designer
  • Adds TTL Tooltip when hovering over TTL attribute converting epoch unix timestamp to human-readable formats

CleanShot 2021-12-15 at 10 42 49

  • Windows 11 support

โœจ Improvements

  • In Single-table designer, composite attributes are now exported correctly for the dynamodb-toolbox
  • In Edit Item modal, replaces bytes suffix with pretty-print-ed version
  • In Terminal, exported code is now piped through the prettier
  • In Single-table designer, dynamodb-toolbox code is now piped through the prettier
  • Adds ability to open Logs folder from the system menu
  • Terminal errors are now displayed as notifications in the bottom-right corner

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixes exporter popup zIndex issue
  • Fixes problem with __dynobase internal attributes polluting the edit item modal
  • Fixes problems with importing values from CSVs and JSONs, especially on conflicts or overwrites
  • Fixes problem with aws-sdk missing in the Terminal scope when doing DynamoDB mutations
  • Fixes problem with TableName variable being undefined in the Terminal exported code
  • Inverts Convert Empty Values to Null checkbox in the Settings

1.7.7 - DynamoDB Toolbox integration

โœจ Features

CleanShot 2021-11-30 at 14 38 22

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem where changing computed string template to the same one causes a notification to show up
  • Fixes problem with __id column being rendered in all views
  • Fixes problem with application going blank after adding new attribute and not filling its name
  • Fixes problem with adding an attribute to all instances of a model if one of items is lacking the entity type value
  • Fixes position of "Add attribute" button on attributes view in single-table designer
  • Fixes CMD/CTRL + X shortcut opening single-table designer

๐Ÿ’ฝ Minors

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the welcome screen
  • Removes PartiQL statement about resolving to query or scan

1.7.6 - App size reduction

  • Decreases installer size and installed app size by 60%
  • Fixes "traffic lights" position on macOS
  • Fixes problem with adding an attribute to all instances of a model in a single-table designer
  • Fixes problem with hyphens and dashes being not respected by the template strings in single-table designer
  • Changes SSO and MFA session names to role_session_name specified in the config file
  • Decreases app initialization time by parallelizing loading profiles and checking the license
  • Bumps Node version to 16
  • Bumps dependencies

1.7.5 - DynamoDB Offline Fix

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with DynamoDB offline/dockerized/localstack being not reachable introduced in 1.7.4
  • Fixes problem with exporting single-table models on attributes without type defined

1.7.4 - SSO Refreshing mechanism & single-table designer improvements

โœจ Features

  • Adds Attributes view for single-table designer
  • Adds auto SSO/MFA session re-authentication when DynamoDB operations fail with "ExpiredTokenException" (#122)
  • Adds "Format JSON" option to single-table attribute editors (#119)
  • Adds the ability to edit JSON in a normal and in "DynamoDB" way to the single-table designer (#119)
  • Adds ability to customize amount of sockets used to communicate with AWS (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/81)
  • Adds ability to populate template attribute changes to other instances of the same entity type (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/117)
  • When adding an attribute in the attributes view, adds a prompt asking whether this attribute should be added to other instances of the same model (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/118)

๐Ÿ› Bug fixes

  • Fixes displaying and removing items from GSIs (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/102)
  • Fixes problem with changing attribute type to Map in a single-table designer (#104)
  • Fixes problem with error notifications not showing error cause, especially when failing to load profiles
  • Fixes problem with confirmation window prompting the user to update all model instances in a single-table designer that makes Electron lose focus (#116)
  • Fixes problem with New Column and New Attribute input fields not submitted when "Tabbing-out" from them (#121)

โœ๏ธ Single-table Designer minor changes

  • Makes "Attributes view" is now the default one
  • Makes entity type attribute is no longer removable
  • Improves modals appearance (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/107 + https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/101)
  • Adds Position horizontal scrollbar at the very bottom of the single-table designer (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/106)
  • Adds ability to remove GSI
  • Adds ability to add a partition from the table header
  • Adds ability to change single-table designer's style between sans-serif and monospace
  • Inserting model instance now adds a default model's attribute template

1.7.3 - DynamoDB-Onetable integration

๐Ÿšค Performance

  • Improves performance of the single-table designer. With heavy models, it is up to 80% faster now!

ย โœจ Features

  • dynamodb-onetable integration. Now you can export onetable models straight from single-table designer (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/42)
  • In the single-table designer, items are now grouped into sorted partitions automatically (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/87)

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with editing boolean values in single-table designer (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/86)
  • Fixes problem with persisting "Follow OS Setting" when it comes to Dark/Light mode (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/89)
  • Fixes problem with removing rows in single-table-designer when they are using templated strings (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/94)
  • Fixes problem with JSON modals (Edit other attributes & Edit Map), they are no longer showing syntax errors (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/85)
  • Template values are now correctly recognized in the imported model, they are also exported correctly (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/70)
  • Fixes problem with exported single-table designer's model types not being lowercased (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/75)
  • Fixes problem with displaying modals in the single-table designer

๐Ÿงน Minor

  • Increased timeout for all DynamoDB operations to 3 seconds
  • Single-table designer's models view now respects currently hidden columns (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/80)
  • Single-table designer's query mode displays feedback if the query yields zero results (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/88)

1.7.2 - Golang Codegen


ย โœจ Features

  • Golang Query Codegen - generate Go code from the queries you're making in Dynobase. After making a query, click Generate Code and select Golang SDK v2 params (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/82)
  • Ability to specify ScanIndexForward property on Queries (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/62)
  • Windows binary is now signed with a Code Certificate, malware warnings should be gone after Dynobase gains trust in Microsoft's eyes (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/76)

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with vertical scrollbars appearing when multiple tabs are opened (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/78)
  • Fixes problem with table name being too long to fit into the app header (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/63)
  • Fixes problem with single-table designer tooltips going off-screen (https://github.com/Dynobase/dynobase/issues/67)
  • Fixes problem with losing single-table designer state when jumping between sections

๐Ÿงน Minor

  • Adds tooltip to the "Add Table" button

1.7.1 - Exporting Terminal-processed results

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with a new tab being opened multiple times
  • Fixes problem with aws-vault based profiles not respecting the source_profile or include_profile mixin
  • Fixes problem with saving offline settings
  • Fixes problem with not respecting the override offline access key
  • Fixes problem with exporting Terminal-computed results

1.7.0 - Single-table Designer

The biggest update yet. Single table designer!

Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 19 02 15

โšก๏ธ Features

  • Single-table designer - build single-table models, query them, and export them to NoSQL Workbench compatible format. Codegen and integrations with the dynamodb-toolbox and dynamodb-onetable are coming soon!
  • Adds the ability to run operations from Operation Builder

โœจ Improvements

  • Improves readability of error modals and schema view by using Monaco editor
  • Improves logging around IAM and profiles loading
  • Reworks notifications into prettier ones
  • Changes attribute name autosuggest to case insensitive
  • Adds icons to more buttons and changes existing ones to prettier ones
  • Adds the ability to report a bug from the "Help" menu
  • Adds the ability to close Commander (CMD + P) using the Escape key

๐Ÿž Bugfixes

  • Fixes problem with a simple querying mode when using multiple filters related to the same attribute
  • Fixes problem with "Freeze Key Columns" being not clickable
  • Fixes problem with creating a table with a simple GSI without sort key
  • Fixes problems with a vertical scroll in Settings
  • Fixes problem with reloading profiles from the native menu
  • Hides footer stats on narrow screens

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