NoSQL Workbench vs Dynobase

NoSQL Workbench is a perfect tool for DynamoDB data modeling and is super useful in the pre-development stage. Dynobase shines in DynamoDB data administration. Multiple tabs, bookmarks, variety of shortcuts, improved UX, and codegen make administrative tasks much easier.

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10 Things You Can Do With Dynobase (That Can't Be Done In NoSQL Workbench)

Editing Data

In NoSQL Workbench, it is not easy to just change an attribute of an item, add a new one or just delete it. Dynobase makes database edits as easy as editing a spreadsheet.

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Multi-tab support for multi-taskers

Need to cross reference some data or copy it between multiple tables in different regions and profiles? Just open a new tab, like in a web browser.

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Intuitive User Experience

Just two clicks away from seeing your data. Dynobase's primary goal is to make data exploration and management easy. With autocomplete, advanced filtering capabilities, streaming and faster query engine, you're well equipped.

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Native SSO Support

Dynobase works out of the box with SSO-based profiles, temporary credentials, 3rd party identity providers like aws-vault and so on.

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Thanks to Terminal, you can blur the line between UI and Code. Slice and dice your data inside Dynobase to get results filtered and transformed beyond normal capabilities using Javascript.

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History of Operations

In Dynobase, you can see the history of actions just like in your web browser.

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Import & Export

Import and export your data from JSON or CSV files to DynamoDB and the other way around without writing complex scripts. Migrate to DynamoDB in a few clicks. There's export to S3 too!

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Don't like forms? Write raw queries

We know that some queries are just too complicated to be presented using UI. And sometimes it's just more convenient to write code. We got this.

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These are just 10 highlighted features, there's a whole lot more.

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I love using Dynobase to explore my tables with a native app rather than going to the AWS console in my browser.

One of my favorite features is the ability to save common queries for simple use later. As you're implementing your data model, I recommend saving queries for each of your application's access patterns to make it easy to debug collections of items later on.

Dynobase聽is quickly becoming an essential part of working聽with DynamoDB.

Alex DeBrie, AWS Data Hero avatar
Alex DeBrie, AWS Data Hero
Author of DynamoDBBook.com and DynamoDBGuide.com

Dynobase is by far the most intuitive UI tool I've used for DynamoDB, it's leaps and bounds better than the AWS console and makes it really easy to manage DynamoDB tables in a multi-region, multi-account environment.

It's made my life so much easier and allowed me to focus on the things that actually matter聽to my clients.

Yan Cui, AWS Serverless Hero avatar
Yan Cui, AWS Serverless Hero
Author of Production-Ready Serverless, Developer Advocate at Lumigo

There are two amazing things about Dynobase.

The first is that it took so long for such a great DynamoDB client to finally arrive and the second is that it was so worth the wait.

Erik Peterson avatar
Erik Peterson
Founder & CTO of CloudZero

Endorsed by AWS community

Endorsed by AWS Community

This will be my default modeling tool from now on. Nice job Rafal.

5:14 am 路 24 Sep 2021

I am FINALLY setting time aside to check out @dynobase!!

Awesome stuff so far: the capacity consumption feedback, and the configurable maximums around paginated reads and page sizes.

Strong work @rafalwilinski 馃挭

1:30 AM 路 Dec 8, 2020

As a public service announcement, if you use DynamoDB and you haven't tried Dynobase (https://dynobase.dev)... you should.

1:27 AM 路 Jan 15, 2020

"Well done! I use Dynobase everyday. Happy customer! 馃挭

3:23 PM 路 Apr 10, 2020

I was given a license for @dynobase a little while ago, and it's quickly crept into my dev workflow. So much easier to interact with DynamoDB, over the AWS console. I would say if you work with DynamoDB it's a must have tool.

1:55 PM 路 Jul 13, 2020

As a frontend developer, I used to be straight up _scared_ of databases 馃槺

Things changed when I started using AWS DynamoDB at work but as awesome as it is - the DynamoDB Web Console is not perfect

@dynobase makes DynamoDB *much* easier to work with 馃コ

7:06 PM 路 May 21, 2020

If you are interested in a great #DynamoDB client, this one is fantastic.

And no, I am not forsaking #NoSQL Workbench. I just really like the work that the Dynobase team does and they make a great product.

6:48 PM 路 Nov 30, 2020

Login to the AWS Console less. Use Dynobase.

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