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Issue #5 (29 March 2020)

500MB of Memory Saved Us ~60% in our DynamoDB Bill

Caching can not only increase your application performance but also dramatically reduce database bill, and DynamoDB is not an exception. Even smallest cache for the most frequent items can yield massive savings.

Email Tutorial: DynamoDB Migration Strategies

If you haven't subscribed to Alex's newsletter, you should do that immediately. He is sending bits of his book to subscribers, and recently, he touched on the very unexplored topic of migrations; check it out!

Creating and Updating DynamoDB Tables (Different Options)

AWS Console is not the only way to create DynamoDB tables. You can also use SDK and CLI for that.

How to build a Serverless API in AWS without using a single lambda

Lambda in between API Gateway and DynamoDB is very common pattern but did you know that you can totally skip the Lambda part? Using VTLs, you can transform requests into write/read requests from API Gateway directly to DynamoDB.

3 DynamoDB Workshop Recordings from AWS Are Now Available

We covered AWS's virtual DynamoDB workshop series in previous issue. Missed them live? Recordings for 3 past workshops are now available.

Video: Intro to Databases for Games -- Hands-On with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora

Nick Walsh & Chris Blackwell explain how DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora can be applied to gaming solutions. This casual chat format is really enjoyable to watch.

Video: Amazon DynamoDB Local Secondary Index (LSI)

All you need to know about LSIs from the console perspective.

Tool: DynamoDB Spec Generator

If you're running a Single-table service on DynamoDB, chances are that your access patterns are poorly documented, and you constantly forget indexes and keys. This library generates full documentation for your table and its access patterns from JSON schema-like file.

Using Amazon DynamoDB for Session Storage in PHP/Yii2 Application (with AWS CDK)

DynamoDB can be used to store almost all kinds of data, including Sessions storage. This guide shows us how to do that, plus it achieves that using AWS CDK!

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